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Sport aviation represents something different to each of us. Yet a common thread for most is the love of flying, the exhilaration and freedom that flight gives us. With the Bantam range from Micro Aviation, the achievement of that dream has never been more accessible and affordable.

The Bantam sets new standards in design excellence, safety, flight performance, stunning good looks, fuel economy, crew comfort and affordable pricing.

As a conventional 3-axis microlight , the Bantam does not rely on pilot weight shift to effect control. Twin seats are positioned side by side for full dual control and both crew are well protected from the weather by an aerodynamic fibre glass pod and large wrap-around windshield.

Performance of the Bantam in its multiple options has been widely acclaimed as nothing short of sensational. In the hands of a learner it remains perfectly balanced for fingertip control and hands off flight, but pushed to the maximum by an experienced pilot the power and maneuverability is breathtaking.

The sleek aerodynamic lines of the Bantam underlie a subtle integration of form and style previously unseen in this category of aircraft.

Multiple Roles
The Bantam airframe is strong and flexible, allowing it to be used in many roles, for example, the option of aerodynamic floats complete with retractable amphibious landing wheels is under development. Ideal for use on sheltered harbours and lakes the floats open up a whole new dimension of opportunities that were previously inaccessible. The float plane has been flown for approx. 30 hours and been tested in many different situations from the Raglan Harbour to Lake Taupo.

With the second seat available to take significant loads a number of Bantams have been adapted for use in a variety of applications:
  • Fence checking and stock mustering on farms
  • Aerial topdressing and spraying
  • Aerial photography and surveying
  • reconnaissance and surveillance

Side by side seating, dual controls, comprehensive instrumentation and flying characteristics totally free of vices, make the Bantam an ideal flight training aircraft.

Due to the conventional 3-axis aircraft controls, the Bantam is well suited for initial flight training towards a General Pilots Licence.

Many aero clubs have found that the Bantam on their flight line provides a popular and affordable alternative to the high capital and operating costs of conventional light aircraft. The Bantam is simple great fun to fly!

Service and Sales
All Bantams are shipped 100% complete and require only minimal final assembly, which is generally carried out by our fully trained local representative who will also perform the initial flight test.

Spare and replacement parts and accessories are readily available through our local representatives along with comprehensive technical advice on all aspects of flight training, maintenance and repairs.

Micro Aviation, the company, is certified by Civil Aviation for Bantam B22S and B22J design, construction and supply.

The Bantam B22S and B22J are type certified by Civil Aviation Authorities complying in The United Kingdom, Western Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Western Europe referring to the EEC.
  • BCAR Section 'S' ( United Kingdom )
  • CAO 101.55 ( Australia )
  • NZCAR 103.201 Type Cert. No. A-13 ( New Zealand )

Full certification of both Aircraft and Company provides ongoing assurance that each Bantam is produced to an exacting specification and under stringent quality and safety controls.

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The Bantam B22S

Experience the fun of flying. Easy to fly, ideal for learners and experience pilots alike.

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The Bantam B22J

The B22J has a more powerful engine and is used throughout the world for fun flying and for various commercial and government roles.

It is an ideal training aircraft and with its short take off and landing and slow flight speed it is ideal for stock or animal control duties.

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