Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the more common questions asked by customers. Please see below, however, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre Sales Questions

Do I need a licence?
Yes - but it is called a Pilot Certificate. It takes about 4-10 hours to go solo depending on each individual. There is more to do after the solo stage but you can call us anytime and we can send you the information you need.
Do you provide training?
Yes - we can provide all the training and paperwork needed to fly. We have it all on site at Te Kowhai Airfield.

Owners Questions

What about spare parts?
Most service items will be available locally. We offer a full range of spare parts to keep your Bantam if top flying conditions.
How far can I fly?
Depending on weather conditions and winds, the Bantam has a four hour range. This means for example you can fly form Hamilton to Gisborne or from Nelson to Christchurch. You can then fill up locally and return.
What about servicing
The Bantam is able to have most servicing carried out by the owner, however you can take it to any aircraft mechanic if you are unable to do it yourself. We provide a full specification and set of parts drawings for use in servicing. We are able to offer servicing at our Hamilton base at Te Kowhai Airfield
How will my Bantam arrive?
In New Zealand we recommend you collect you Bantam Microlight and fly it home (it is more than capable of crossing Cook Straight).

For export orders, all Bantams are shipped 100% complete and require only minimal final assembly, which is generally carried out by our fully trained local representitive who will also perform the initial flight test.

Spare and replacement parts and accessories are readily available through our local representitives along with comprehensive technical advice on all aspects of flight training, maintenance and repairs.
Can I land it on my Farm/Lifestyle Block?
If you have the space, generally we recommend a runnway of 700m for safe flying.

Export Customers

I don't live in New Zealand, where are can I buy a Bantam Microlight?
We have representatives in USA, UK, Australia, Rarotonga, Norfolk Island and South Africa.

If you live in Europe please contact our European distributor (see Link). If your country is not covered, please contact us to discuss direct export to your country.
What about servicing overseas?
As in New Zealand, the Bantam is a very simple and easy to maintain aircraft. If you can't do it yourself, it can be taken to any aircraft technician.